Justice For Sarah

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Hello every one, we got a great deal on the t shirts for sarahs sentancing, for when all the trial is over and done with and we go to sentencing and hope to get this MONSTER some jail time, i have created a secure paypal website for every one who wants a t shirt. I got a deal with a local shirt maker who is going to get me these shirts for 5 dollars a piece he is just making us pay for the ink and labor not the shirts them selves, i am getting 50 of them by my self for every one. But im not rich so every one who wants one ill need 5 dollars from, if you click on the link to the right under links that says make a donation, you can pay me directly through pay pal, if you dont have an account click on "dont have an account" and you can pay via credit card or your bank check card, i want every one at the sentancing to have the same shirt on at the same time and need atleast 50-100 people there to make an impact on the judge, so this guy doesnt walk. Please let me know ASAP thanks and god BLess, LETS DO THIS ONE FOR SARAH. SHE WOOULD HAVE DONE IT FOR ANY ONE OF US

Bill Hoopes


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